You're walking down the street, minding your own business, when a vicious dog comes out of nowhere and bites you. Or, you're at a house party and the home owner's dog suddenly lunges and bites you. Unfortunately, these situations are quite common and can cause serious injuries to those attacked. A dog bite can result in serious infections, scarring and potential psychological damage (i.e. permanent fear of dogs and other supposedly "friendly" animals).

If you or a loved one suffered a dog bite injury, contact an experienced Norfolk dog bite attorney to discuss your legal options. It may be possible to hold the dog's owner liable for medical expenses, missed time from work, and other damages. Emily Mapp Brannon has handled dog bite injury cases and gotten results for her clients.

The "One Free Bite" Fallacy

Many people have a misconception that there is a Virginia law allowing for "one free bite." This is completely inaccurate. When an irresponsible or unknowledgeable dog owner creates a dangerous situation, it is never allowed under the law — even just once.

Duties of a Virginia Dog Owner

Virginia law sets forth a series of requirements that a dog owner must follow including:

  • Exercise ordinary care to ensure the dog does not leave the owner's property (i.e. you cannot let your dog just roam free). If a dog owner just lets their dog run around freely, they could be in violation of a county or city “leash law” ordinance. Let your Norfolk dog bite lawyer do the necessary research to determine whether such a violation has occurred. 
  • Exercise reasonable care to prevent the dog from attacking another person. This means that if the dog is aggressive and/or lunges at someone, the owner has an affirmative duty to try and prevent the dog from harming you or your loved ones.
  • Exercise ordinary care if the owner has a breed of dog known to be aggressive, or the owner has seen their dog display aggressive tendencies around people. This means that if an owner knows that their dog is aggressive around other people but takes them to a public park, this could be considered a form of negligence. 

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