Wrongful Death Lawyer in Norfolk, Virginia (VA)

The pain and grief from a sudden death caused by an accident can be gut-wrenching and overwhelming. Emily is here to help.  Your primary concern should be picking up the pieces of your life and going through the grieving process.

Let Emily take some of the burden off your shoulders by dealing with the insurance company and making sure you and your loved ones get the financial restitution you deserve. 

Information on Wrongful Death Law in Virginia 

As the family member or spouse of someone who was killed in an accident that wasn't their fault, you may be entitled to monetary damages for the loss you've suffered. Damages may could include:

  •  Funeral expenses and burial expenses.
  •  Medical bills accumulated after the accident but before the death.
  •  Loss of support and other monetary losses.
  •  Loss of future income.
  •  Loss of medical benefits, retirement benefits, and other benefits.
  •  Loss of companionship and affection as well as other emotional damages.

Beyond these financial considerations, a Norfolk wrongful death lawsuit also seeks to gain compensation for “loss of solace,” which is a legal term referring to the unique loss experienced by the spouse and children of the decedent.

They are emotional damages that are difficult to quantify, but they deserve to be compensated. The "loss of solace" damages claimed through a wrongful death case may include the loss of companionship, love, guidance and advice.

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