I highly recommend Emily Mapp Bannon, who helped me settle a case earlier this year. She genuinely cares about helping others no matter how big or little the case may be. She was always available to answer questions and I never got her voicemail. She is a great lawyer with a passion for helping others.Type your paragraph here.


Emily handled my case as if it were her own personal injury. She is knowledgeable and empathetic. She negotiated a fair settlement and got it to me promptly. I like that she always got back with me quickly and she never let the other side bully me. I am very satisfied and highly recommend her services.


I was a delighted to meet Mrs. Brannon when she decided she could help me about my daught case. She was very truthful from the beginning. Even the outcome is not what we want at least I know Mrs. Brannon did everything she could. She is a very powerful, knowledgable lady. I wish her nothing but the best of luckType your paragraph here.

-Tinya M. P.

Emily was very efficient in our first meeting and got me a good settlement in a timely manner. She returned my calls promptly and everyone at the office was courteous and helpful. I would recommend Emily to others and if I need an injury attorney again, I will definitely use her services.


I was seriously hurt in an auto accident and needed help. I was referred to a law firm where Emily Mapp Brannon worked. She knew the law and was happy to answer all of my questions. Emily was always there when I had a concern. The staff was pleasant and professional. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. If any of my friends or family is hurt in an accident, I was definitely refer them to Emily. 


I first met Emily in 2010 during a rough time shortly after my accident. She took on my case and referred me to great doctors who've helped me along the way. It's now 2015 and Emily has handled two of my cases! Thanks Emily for everything.



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